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Website Basics: A step by step guide on how to build your own website

Often times, people are convinced that creating a website is difficult. This is true but the internet has created many quick tips, processes and templates that make it easier to do it on your own. The Anzisha Prize recently encouraged the young entrepreneurs that they work with to learn how to create their own websites so that they can have creative control of their brand and their message. Learning how to create your own website is also useful when you are on a budget.

Below are a list of steps and tools that you can use to develop your website:

  1. Purchase a domain name

A domain name is the official address for your website.  This is the first step to creating a website because this is the name that everyone will know your website through. An example would be It is important to find a name that is available but also brand-able, catchy and memorable. Domain names vary from $10- $30 for 1- 10 years.

A domain can be purchased on websites such as and

  1. Register on a web hosting platform

Once you have purchased a domain name, it is important to rent space on the internet. This is usually called hosting and there are websites such as Go Daddy, Bluehost and Afrihost that provide this rented space. These hosting websites are able to take you through the whole process of registering your website. Some companies, like the ones mentioned above provide both services of purchasing a domain and hosting your website at the same time. Bluehost, Afrihost and GoDaddy. Hosting is important because this is the service that connects your site to the internet. The hosting site that you choose will allow you to manage your website settings through a web hosting login.

  1. Choose a site building platform and install it

Most site hosting websites come with the option of a website building platform such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. This building platform will offer you various theme templates and tools that will allow you to start creating your website. This will be in the form of themes, colours, and settings etc. WordPress is the most popular tool because it is user friendly and has many options in terms of templates.

  1. Log on to your wordpress dashboard

Once you have selected a site building platform such as WordPress, you can login to the dashboard. Once you have access to the dashboard, you can edit the website so that it will look the way that you want it to look like.

  1. Choose a theme/ template for your site

Once you have logged into the wordpress dashboard you can select a theme for your website. WordPress allows you to either select one of their many free themes or you can find another WordPress theme that is more suitable to your preferable design at Envanto Market that can be bought from $50 and more. It is advisable to look around for themes that might appeal to you before deciding on a free wordpress theme.

  1. Edit your website

Now that you have purchased a domain name, have a host server and have selected a wordpress theme, you can now get acquainted to the dashboard and start editing your website from the backend. The most important elements to remember are the edit pages and menu pages. WordPress offers guidance on how to start editing pages and menus at the wordpress website.

Helpful tools to use for your website

  1. Install Plugins: plugins are software components that adds a specific feature to an existing computer program such as wordpress. For example, you can download  calendar plugin that allows you to add a special calendar to your website.
  2. Install Beaver Builder: Beaver Builder is an editing software tool that allows you to edit your website from the front end with a user friendly interface.
  3. Use Canva for graphics: Canva is a free graphic design tool that allows you to design images for your website.
  4. Use OptInMonster: This is the best lead-generation plugin for WordPress that allows you to create and integrate highly effective email signup forms on your website. It also allows you to add pop ups and quiz software.

After you have acquainted yourself with wordpress. You can launch your website!



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