Monday, March 27, 2023

Entrepreneurship Education in Africa (EEA) Summit

Are you curious about how African schools and universities are tackling education around entrepreneurship, or interested to know how the continent is celebrating and supporting young entrepreneurs? Register for the Entrepreneurship Education in Africa Summit to join in on the conversation. #EEASummit

Building Communities to Support the Very Young Entrepreneur Scenario for Africa

The summit is an initiative of the Anzisha Prize, in partnership with the African Leadership Academy (ALA) and is aimed at educators, investors, entrepreneurs, corporates and policy makers from across the continent. The two-day conference will kick off with a celebration of the 2021 fellows at the #AnzishaPrize Awards Gala on 10 August, 2023 where we will be handing out cash prizes to Africa’s very youngest and brightest entrepreneurs. The second session of the summit on 11 August, 2023 will see the launch of the Anzisha National Councils which will be followed by expert panel discussions that will envision a future where young Africans choose entrepreneurship as a career.

Learn about the Anzisha National Councils

Purpose of the Anzisha National Council

In 2020, after 10 years of support from Mastercard Foundation and celebrating their renewal of 10 future years of commitment, we released our most widely consumed publication, The Very Young Entrepreneur Scenario for Africa. To continue building on this thesis, we are preparing to release Version 2 of the paper in 2025.

In order for us to conduct this research we will enlist the help of the Anzisha National Council, a domestic advisory structure comprised of a group of six individuals, each of whom will bring together experts in the fields of education, policymaking, investing, media and entrepreneurship. These experts will contribute content for the VYES, which will form part of the larger VYES 2.0 policy paper, one of the most informed policy papers we will have done. VYES 2.0 will be released in 2025.

Engaging Entrepreneurial Ecosysytems Across Africa

For the next edition, we will include five case studies on African countries with thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems – Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, and South Africa. We are launching programs around each of our focus areas in these countries, including increasing very young entrepreneurs in each country enrolled in the Fellowship, extensive film and PR work to tell their stories nationally, engaging educators across country, and hosting roundtable working groups with policymakers and investors in country.

All this work to create a significant number of new jobs in the years to come, incentivize more youth to embrace career entrepreneurship, and publish updated research into the very young entrepreneur scenario for Africa. By establishing an Anzisha National Council in each of the above-mentioned countries, we are embarking on a multi-year campaign to produce the next edition of the Very Young Entrepreneur Scenario (VYES).