Friday, May 24, 2024

Entrepreneurship Education in Africa (EEA) Summit

Are you curious about how African schools and universities are tackling education around entrepreneurship, or interested to know how the continent is celebrating and supporting young entrepreneurs? Register for the Entrepreneurship Education in Africa Summit to join in on the conversation. #EEASummit

Building Communities to Support the Very Young Entrepreneur Scenario for Africa

Join us for the Entrepreneurship Education in Africa (EEA) Summit that will explore and celebrate excellence and new approaches in youth entrepreneurship education and support. Educators, investors, policymakers and entrepreneurs from across Africa will gather in Johannesburg at the African Leadership Academy campus on Wednesday, 7 August, 2024 to delve deeper into entrepreneurship education and see the important work of very young entrepreneurs and the ecosystem that supports their efforts.


We are not just a prize; we are a movement. And we want you to join the wave. All our activities will be geared towards looking into the future. We want to influence with our knowledge, inspire with our stories and spur action with our vision. How can we support very young people today so they can be successful tomorrow? We have some answers, but we want your insights too. We’ve carved out an experience that we hope will allow you to learn something new, interrogate what you think you know and see entrepreneurship on the continent in a different way.

  • Gain insights that explore youth entrepreneurship education on the continent.
  • Network with like-minded people to build a collaborative culture towards achieving a future with very young entrepreneurs at the centre.
  • Celebrate achievements of the 2022 Anzisha Fellows at the #AnzishaPrize Awards Gala where we will be handing out cash prizes to Africa’s very young and brightest entrepreneurs.

Take inspiration from the future of the continent, hear from leading industry speakers, connect with like-minded people beyond a conference scene, share your stories and passions and hear from very young entrepreneurs whose businesses are re-imagining their communities, and in turn, reinventing the continent.