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Strategy on the Brain? Here Are Some Resources to get your Venture Strategy Right!

There are millions of books and articles written about strategy, strategic planning, strategic processes etc. around the world, and yet it is the one area in small business that is still not highly considered as a need. This could be to various reasons including the urgency to survive in business, a lack of understanding of what strategy is and its importance to businesses of all sizes as well as the lack of time, resources and know-how on how to effectively develop strategies that fit your business requirements.

A Strategy, simply put, is your plan of action designed to reach specific outcomes, goals and objectives. The following page displays information resources related to Strategic Planning and Strategy Development for businesses. You will find videos, podcasts, links to articles and various other resources that will assist you to develop strategies for your business and its various business functions as well as communicate and implement these strategies for business growth.

This content has not been developed by the Anzisha Prize team, but is curated from various sources which focus on the creation of content for entrepreneurs and businesses. Links to the content are shared from this site. We invite you to read through these materials, and visit the source sites for more information.

Understanding strategy by David Kryscynski author of Strategic Management: Concepts and Tools for Creating Real World Strategy and Assistant Professor at Bringham Young University. This video simplifies the explanation of what a strategy is, taking from its origin in the art of war and gives insight into 4 key questions answered by good business strategies.

Building a Solid Business Strategy by Great Business Videos for Great Entrepreneurs – SelfLearnEN takes you through 6 key questions to answer in order to develop an effective, yet simplified business strategy for your business.

When working with a team of any size, it is important to effectively communicate the company strategy with all members at each level, especially since they will be instrumental in the implementation of the strategy. This ensures that everyone at every level of the company is working towards the same goals. This video, Communicating Strategy with your employees by Karin Rigas consultant in Leadership  learning and founder of – learning for leaders, assists you in how to best communicate your company strategy with your team.

‘Becoming a strategic leader’ by the Center for Creative Leadership is a podcast that discusses the qualities, myths, importance and how-to of strategic leadership  in order to move a company forward toward a desired future.

‘Elements of strategy’ by is a podcasted radio interview with author and strategist Rich Hallworth, discussing the what is and what is not a strategy as well as where businesses go wrong in developing and implementing business strategies.

A podcasting of a conference call discussing the importance of the strategy (the product) over the strategic plan (the process) and why the two should not be confused, by


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