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Unlocking Africa’s Hidden Job Creators

Lessons from ten years of supporting transitions from education to entrepreneurship in Africa.

About the Book

Over the past ten years, in partnership with ALA and Mastercard Foundation, we have sought to build an ecosystem that drives entrepreneurship and economic growth through young people. In this pursuit, we’ve completed an exciting piece of work that reflects on the lessons we have learned from supporting 142 very young entrepreneurs building businesses across Africa since 2010. These businesses have created over 2,500 jobs - with 60% of these going to peers under 25 years old.

Who is this book for?

If you are a school, university, accelerator, individual, or youth organisation that is invested in reducing youth unemployment on the African continent, this report is for you!

What's inside?

Reading Unlocking Africa's Hidden Job Creators will offer you practical lessons from ten years of supporting young Africans transition from education to entrepreneurship. The report:

  • Outlines 11 key lessons learned from the Anzisha Prize that will inform how early-career entrepreneurs can be supported.
  • Addresses the importance of various stakeholders – educators, parents, investors, policymakers, incubators within the youth entrepreneurship ecosystem.
  • Offers a guide on how a coordinated movement of key influencers can change the trajectory of entrepreneurship on the continent for young people and see the creation of 1M dignified work opportunities by 2030.

About the Authors

The Anzisha Prize team produced this report with key inputs from African Leadership Academy leaders and educators.


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