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The Very Young Entrepreneur Scenario

About the Report

This report theorizes what the future might hold for very young entrepreneurs in Africa, how entrepreneurship can offer innovative alternatives to drive employment and economic growth in Africa, and what the required inputs from various major stakeholders might be to facilitate this scenario.


What’s inside

The blueprint offers:

  • Data driven insights on why it is important to invest in entrepreneurs of all ages, especially the very young.
  • A starting point for stakeholders in considering how they might contribute towards achieving a future with very young entrepreneurs at the centre.
  • An outline of the current obstacles and untapped potential of Africa’s labour market.


Who’s the report for?

As it highlights opportunities for intervention and collaboration across the youth entrepreneurship ecosystem, this report has something for all role players: entrepreneurs, investors, educators, policymakers, and parents.


About the Authors

The Anzisha Prize team produced this report with key inputs from African Leadership Academy leaders and educators.


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