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Noreen Mutavhatsindi – Effective Management Strategies

About Anzisha’s Case Studies

Through this series, we seek to illustrate to youth that entrepreneurship, as a career choice, is within their reach. While we designed the catalogue primarily for use in high schools and at the undergraduate level, the cases could serve as foundational texts or enrichment tools in other settings. Our goal is to enable the success of the case method in the context of youth entrepreneurship.

About the Entrepreneur

In 2021, Noreen founded Phindulo Tutoring and was inspired to begin the venture by her own struggles with STEM subjects in school. Her philosophy is that these subjects are not difficult. They simply require determination and discipline. She’s made it her mission to ensure that students excel by giving them a helping hand. Driven by a strong commitment to make a positive impact, Noreen's entrepreneurial adventure involves overcoming doubts, challenging stereotypes as a young leader, and smartly handling aspects like marketing, team management, and operations. Her story not only addresses educational challenges but also encourages a new generation to question societal norms and find unique paths in entrepreneurship. Noreen's experience offers valuable lessons, highlighting the potential for positive change through resilience, effective communication, and smart entrepreneurial strategies.

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