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Karidas Tshintsholo – Investing in the Future of Agriculture

Case Focus: Agritech

There’s a general wave that agritech is becoming sexy and holds many opportunities. Entrepreneurs like Karidas have built successful business models on this premise. Find out how he did it.


About the Entrepreneur: Karidas Tshintsholo

Karidas grew up in the Ekangala township near Pretoria, South Africa. Among his many other entrepreneurial pursuits, he co-founded Push Ismokol which designs, manufactures, markets and sells trendy sweatshirts, tee shirts, and other clothing items. Karidas and team utilize unconventional marketing tactics to create a coolness around the brand and increase market opportunity.

The company has 6 employees who are offered gainful employment and trained in the manufacturing process on site.


About the series: #ISWY

#ItStartsWithYou is a docu-series that explores the stories of very young African entrepreneurs and the key moments that contributed to their success.

These stories have been chosen because of the passion, commitment, drive, and grit that these young people exhibited as they created their own pathways.


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