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Judge Better Volume 1

About the Book

Entrepreneurship pitch competitions often follow a certain formula: pitch, win a prize, and hope for success. When participants take the stage, the pressure to perform is on! But what if you could create more value for the entrepreneurs through your pitch competition? How might the entrepreneur or their business enjoy longevity as a result? What skills could they gain through the process to attain more success? How can monetary value be put to intentional use to see more sustainable businesses? For ten consecutive years, we have run Africa's top competition for very young entrepreneurs, where the 20 finalists pitch their ventures for a chance to win the grand prize. Well after this exhilarating experience, these entrepreneurs become Anzisha Prize Fellows and gain access to the financial and networking support they need to succeed. Download this book and discover lessons and strategies to facilitate more learning through your entrepreneurship competition.

Who is the book for?

If you are a school, university, accelerator, or hub wondering how to improve the experience for both participants and judges in your next pitch competition, this FREE book is for you!

What's Inside?

Over a decade of lessons from Africa's top competition for very young entrepreneurs.

  • See how even the best intentions can go wrong!
  • Find out how to better select and prepare judges!
  • Learn the 5 "Judge Better Principles" that put entrepreneur learning first!
  • Get example criteria, rubrics, and posters to work from!

About the authors

Nolizwe Mhlaba is an educator boasting over a decade of experience in curriculum and instruction, youth development, and non-formal education. She leads the Anzisha Prize’s educator and parent communities of practice. Josh Adler is the Executive Director of the Anzisha Prize and also a self-proclaimed social impact explorer. Read more about Josh here. Melissa Mbazo-Ekpenyong brings several years’ experience in the non-profit sector, where she has managed projects that span across Africa. She joined the Anzisha Prize in 2015 and ultimately rose to the role of Deputy Director to lead operations and strategy implementation.


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