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Identifying Stories about Very Young Entrepreneurs

About this Report

Anzisha has embarked on a research-led process to identify a series of stories or messages that will speak of experiences that shift mindsets and create realistic and positive representations of youth entrepreneurship. The focus of the research is on highlighting key behaviours/decisions and support structures that resulted in positive outcomes for young entrepreneurs, as well as showcasing the contributions made by very young entrepreneurs. The research process began with a desktop review of existing research, globally and in Africa more specifically, on very young entrepreneurs, with a focus on their experiences, stories and key moments of behaviour change. Based on this desktop research, ten hypotheses about VYEs and their journeys were identified. This report builds on the desktop research to examine the results of a survey about entrepreneurship experiences that was distributed to the 102 Anzisha Fellows in April 2019. The survey was designed to gather qualitative data about Fellows’ stories and to gather specific feedback on the ten hypotheses identified through the desktop research. Download this report to understand more about Anzisha Fellows’ entrepreneurship journeys and their reasons for pursuing entrepreneurship.


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