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How to Develop Entrepreneurial Behaviour Through Entrepreneurship Practice

About the Book

With the youth population growing at a faster rate than jobs are being created, entrepreneurship will play an undeniable part in growing many economies. Interest and demand for entrepreneurship education are rising as more people explore the idea of entrepreneurship being taught and not inherent. A must-read for the 21st century educator, this book is designed to help create an environment where young people can develop entrepreneurial skills through entrepreneurship practice. This will help prepare the youth for future employment – self-generated or otherwise – and enable them to navigate the Fourth Industrial Revolution and a changing world of work.


What is Inside?

Drawing on lessons from a decade of entrepreneurship education, the book contains:

  • A step-by-step guide to setting up a student venture program
  • Resources (templates, toolkits, illustrations) to facilitate entrepreneurial learning
  • A replicable model of an on-campus economy

And more that you can adapt for your school or program!


Who is the book for?

If you are an entrepreneurship educator, youth program facilitator, careers counsellor – or simply interested in how to design opportunities for entrepreneurship practice – this free eBook is for you!


About the Authors

Nolizwe Mhlaba is an educator boasting over a decade of experience in curriculum and instruction, youth development, and non-formal education. She leads the Anzisha Prize’s educator and parent communities of practice. Josh Adler is the Executive Director of the Anzisha Prize and also a self-proclaimed social impact explorer. Read more about Josh here.


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