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Geoffrey Mulei – Hiring Young People to Stay Ahead

Case Focus: Youth Employment

Geoffrey has chosen to employ his peers to positively impact the youth unemployment gap in Africa. Find out why hiring young people has given Geoffrey’s business competitive advantage.


About the Entrepreneur: Geoffrey Mulei

Geoffrey Mulei, the CEO of Inkisha, grew up in Nairobi, Kenya, where he was exposed to different forms of innovation. His exposure and drive resulted in his desire to benefit his community by offering eco-friendly packaging alternatives.

Inskisha began as a startup with a big dream: to make it possible for every African consumer to access free eco-friendly packaging as an alternative to plastic bags.

His venture employs 17 young persons. Inkisha distributes about 3,500,000 free bags monthly.

About the series: #ISWY

#ItStartsWithYou is a docu-series that explores the stories of very young African entrepreneurs and the key moments that contributed to their success.

These stories have been chosen because of the passion, commitment, drive, and grit that these young people exhibited as they created their own pathways.


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