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Collins Kathuli – Young People Create Jobs for Other Young People

About Anzisha’s Case Studies

Through this series, we seek to illustrate to youth that entrepreneurship, as a career choice, is within their reach. While we designed the catalogue primarily for use in high schools and at the undergraduate level, the cases could serve as foundational texts or enrichment tools in other settings. Our goal is to enable the success of the case method in the context of youth entrepreneurship.

About the Entrepreneur

Collins’ childhood dreams of becoming a news anchor unknowingly laid the foundation for his future in the world of technology. Driven by his curiosity, he delved into the intricacies of video editing, and in the process, discovered the world of website development. The experience of creating his own online platform not only showcased his creative prowess but also sparked a deep fascination for the vast possibilities that technology had to offer. Little did Collins know that this early journey into web development would shape his future career path and lead him to the forefront of the IT industry.

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