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Anzisha Forum Workshop Series: Policymakers

About this Report

The 2019 Anzisha Prize Forum focused on VYEs as agents of change in their societies. The Forum brought together key stakeholders to engage with the work that Anzisha is doing to promote youth entrepreneurship as a means of facilitating employment growth. The stakeholder groups included: Educators; Investors; Policy makers; Parents; VYEs; and Incubators.

This report summarizes discussions and lessons emerging from the Policymaker workshop. Key takeaways from the workshop included:

  • Some of the most effective ways of lobbying for VYEs could be to advocate for tax exemptions, simpler registration processes, and business subsidies for them.
  • Governments could create think tanks and steering committees, involving youth, that can aid in informing policy drafts.
  • Regulations can also serve VYEs by enhancing their access to capital, but what is equally important is to ensure that there is a significant focus on implementing these regulations.
  • In order for policies and regulations to support entrepreneurs, the entire system should work towards the same goal. This means that educational policies, trading regulations, and business mandates should create an ecosystem where it is more straightforward for VYEs to start and run businesses.


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