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Anzisha Forum Workshop Series: Investors

About this Report

The 2019 Anzisha Prize Forum focused on Very Young Entrepreneurs (VYEs) as agents of change in their societies. One component of the Forum was a stakeholder workshop with six stakeholder groups who represented the ecosystem that supports VYEs. The six stakeholder groups comprised: Educators; Investors; Policy makers; Parents; VYEs; and Incubators.

This report summarizes discussions and lessons emerging from the Investor workshop. Key takeaways from the workshop included:

  • Entrepreneurially-oriented education should include building strong financial and risk modelling, as well as increasing critical thinking in the education system.
  • Practical experience is critical for VYEs – through internships and learnerships, VYEs can learn about how investment funds work and the criteria that they look for in a business.
  • The group called for creating supporting structures to ensure the success of VYEs, e.g. a guarantee that is linked to an advisory board.
  • Investors could be mandated to spend a portion of their capital on investing in VYEs.


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