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Welcome to our Research & Publications section. We hope you find the resources here useful as a collection of the very best in very young entrepreneur education and acceleration for both senior secondary and early tertiary phases.

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Anzisha Forum Workshop Series: Investors

About this Report The 2019 Anzisha Prize Forum focused on...

The Anzisha Effect: Celebrating the growth and evolution of the Anzisha Prize

Over the year 2015, Anzisha experienced immense growth. At...

The Anzisha Effect: Celebrating the first years of the Anzisha Prize

In 2014, the Anzisha Prize published the first edition...

Identifying Stories about Very Young Entrepreneurs

About this Report Anzisha has embarked on a research-led process...

ALA Learning Brief: Very Young Entrepreneurs

The long-term impact of entrepreneurship exposure and training for...

Identifying Growth Sectors for Sustainable Youth Business in Africa

As unemployment continues to be a growing issue on...

Lessons from Alain Nteff: Identifying the right users before scaling

This case study shares lessons learnt on how an...

Creating 21st Century Entrepreneurial Leaders

Entrepreneurial Leadership (EL) is a relatively new and unexplored...

ALG Entrepreneurship Education Case Study for World Economic Forum

About this Case Study In 2018, African Leadership Group was...

BUILD-in-a-Box: A Replicable Model for Youth-Led Learning

About this Report The African Leadership Academy seeks to support...

Anzisha Youth Entrepreneurship Survey 2016

About this Survey In 2016, the Anzisha Program conducted a...

BUILD-in-a-Box Facilitator Guide

About this Resource African Leadership Academy (ALA) students and alumni...