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Welcome to our Research & Publications section. We hope you find the resources here useful as a collection of the very best in very young entrepreneur education and acceleration for both senior secondary and early tertiary phases.

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Benefits of Early-Stage Resource Acquisition: How and For Whom?

This study examines the effects of entrepreneurial resource acquisition on venture performance and strategic reorientation in such contexts.

Assessing the Impact of Entrepreneurship on Job Creation and Poverty Reduction Among Nigerian Youths

This study sought to assess the impact of entrepreneurship on job creation and poverty reduction among Nigerian youths, with the broader aim of driving practical policymaking.

Entrepreneurs and Job Creation in Tanzania

This commissioned study sought to explore and understand the extent to which young and older Tanzanian entrepreneurs are creating jobs and under what conditions.

The Impact of Entrepreneurship on Job Creation for Young People in Ghana: Do Entrepreneurial Age Differences Matter?

Little is known about how, and to what extent entrepreneurial activities by older people create jobs for young people.

The Very Young Entrepreneur Scenario

The Anzisha Prize theorizes what the future might hold for very young entrepreneurs in Africa.

Youth Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Job Creation: A Case Study of Cameroon and Côte d’Ivoire

This report presents findings from a commissioned study on entrepreneurship in francophone Africa (Cameroon and Côte d’Ivoire, specifically).

How to Develop Entrepreneurial Behaviour Through Entrepreneurship Practice

Protect your students' future and support Africa’s youth development through entrepreneurial thinking. Our future lies in their hands.

Anzisha Prize Programme Theory of Change

Read about how we will achieve our ambitious goal through our theory of change.

Anzisha Scenario – Green paper: Scenarios for Young African Entrepreneurs

The Anzisha Prize Green Paper is written for all stakeholders. It is the driver of our Theory of Change, and the future Anzisha hopes to contribute to.