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Anzisha partners with Nafham on free parent’s Arabic course

Anzisha and Nafham By Tyro have collaborated to launch a free Arabic version of our course, Think...

New Report suggests the creation of 1M job opportunities by 2030 on the horizon for unemployed African youth

Anzisha Prize, mastercard foundation and African Leadership Academy have released a Report highlighting key lessons learned to...

Marketing: Tips and Tools for Reaching Your Target Market on Social Media

When getting a business off the ground, spreading the word to your target market is key to...

Choosing the Right Small Business Incubation Program as an African Entrepreneur

In 1959, in an industrial warehouse in Batavia, New York, the first "official" business incubator was created...

Business Funding Opportunities for Young Agricultural Entrepreneurs

Africa is the world's fastest growing continent in terms of population and yet, The World Bank, quoted...

Strategy on the Brain? Here Are Some Resources to get your Venture Strategy Right!

There are millions of books and articles written about strategy, strategic planning, strategic processes etc. around the...

Marketing Lessons for the Growth-Seeking Entrepreneur

Marketing (the process) is often confused with the different activities , such a advertising, that are included...

Some Country Analytical Reports to Help You Decide on Business Entry in African Markets

Doing business in Africa is an exciting experience. However, in order to start and run a business...

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