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We’re forging partnerships with decision-makers to better understand why entrepreneurs start their businesses. Through research and collaboration, policymakers may be better able to align the work that different entrepreneurs do with national priorities, and remove barriers that entrepreneurs face in realising their goals.

What Does The Future Of Entrepreneurship Look Like?

This report theorizes what the future might hold for very young entrepreneurs in Africa, how entrepreneurship can offer innovative alternatives to drive employment and economic growth in Africa, and what the required inputs from various major stakeholders might be to facilitate this scenario.

Policy Recommendations to Propel Entrepreneurship in Egypt

Egypt's entrepreneurship scene has been gaining momentum in recent years, attracting both local and international investors. However, a study commissioned by the African Development...

Entrepreneurial Profile of Morocco: A Review

Image Credit: Vince Millett, Essaouira, Morocco The African Development Bank, EiNA, and the Moroccan Ministry of Economy and Finance have published a report entitled "Entrepreneurial...

11 Lessons: Policies need to recognize the importance of entrepreneurship in youth development

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Fellows share their stories

Listen to the Anzisha fellows share their thoughts on why entrepreneurship and job creation is the key to addressing some of Africa’s key challenges.

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