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Learn to “Think Like a Parent and Act Like a Coach”

Powered by the Anzisha Prize and African Leadership Academy, this course draws on a ten-year track record of propelling young people into the future of work.

Strategies for preparing children for the future of work

African Leadership Academy's  (ALA) Dean Uzo Agyare-Kumi is a mother of two and serves as Chair for the ALA’s Dejen Parents Association. “It’s really an opportunity...

Why aren’t parents buying into the concept of entrepreneurship?

Why aren’t parents buying into the concept of entrepreneurship? Anzisha conducted a survey in which we interviewed 246 parents to better understand their attitudes toward...

11 Lessons: Parents are one of the most powerful influences on young entrepreneurs

Whatever line or career your child is going to choose, we need to focus on building their value systems, teaching them about courage, the importance of problem solving, etc. If parents spend time building that core and investing in it, we will be less anxious, because we know the kind of person they will become.”

Lawrence Kinyanjui


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