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Marketing: Tips and Tools for Reaching Your Target Market on Social Media

When getting a business off the ground, spreading the word to your target market is key to business success. After all, how will your target market know to use your services if they don’t know about it? Below we list some tips and tricks to help you reach more of your target market.

  1. Use Microsoft PowerPoint to create jpg/png images to post on social media. PowerPoint, a tool most Windows and Mac users have on their laptops is a great tool to use to edit photos and to create cool layouts to spread the word about your business. In fact, for the Anzisha Prize, this is what we use to market on social media. Create templates for your business advertisements and post them online.
  2. Link all your social media sites. Doing so, will make managing your online presence a lot easier. This will allow a post you make on Facebook to simultaneously post on your Twitter/Instagram account automatically.
  3. Meet your target market where they are. Depending on what kind of business you run, your target market is likely to be using a particular social media medium. For instance, most youth between 15 and 30 are using Instagram. All age ranges can be found on WhatsApp. Do research on where your target market is concentrated online and reach out to them through adverts which speak to what matters to them. 
  4. Partner with an organization online which has a large following of members in your target market. Let’s say you are a web designer looking to do more work for young entrepreneurs. Partnering with an organization that works with young entrepreneurs through a special social media challenge can help you gain more followers on the social media platform which means more awareness of your business to your target market, and potential customers! 
  5. Appeal to your audience by using social media trends. On social media, hashtags and the topic of conversation are constantly changing and accompanied by memes. Be a part of the conversation, with the purpose of your fun posts that people find your business.
  6. Create thought leadership on the latest news in your field. As an entrepreneur, there is a level of expertise that you have in your sector. Packaging this expertise into easy accessible knowledge to your target market is a way to draw them to your website and other aspects of  your enterprise. 

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