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Marketing Lessons for the Growth-Seeking Entrepreneur

Marketing (the process) is often confused with the different activities , such a advertising, that are included in the overall process aimed at delivering value to customers in order to satisfy their needs at a profitable return for the business. An understanding of Marketing, will assist the small business owner develop better marketing strategies that will allow it to maximize returns on its efforts.

The following page displays information resources related to Marketing and Business Development for your business. You will find videos, podcasts, links to articles and various other resources that will assist you to determine the best ways to market your business and develop healthy sales pipelines, sometimes learning from best practices from other businesses.

This content has not been developed by the Anzisha Prize team, but is curated from various sources which focus on the creation of content for entrepreneurs and businesses. Links to the content are shared from this site. We invite you to read through these materials, and visit the source sites for more information.

Videos, an online educational portal that provides millions of lessons across different subjects, has developed this great video which provides a brief explanation of what marketing is and what marketing is not.

The Attention, Interest, Desire and Action model is used in Marketing Communication to effectively communicate your message to the customer in order to move them to the action of actually purchasing and/or using your products and services. This great  video from, explains the model.

The video below by Joey Gedgaud is a quick guide, with step-by-step instructions, in the creation of an Marketing Plan for a small business. Joey Gedgaud is an Internet Marketing Consultant at Presto Marketing Group.

Value Proposition defines the innovation, service or features of a product/service or company that make it attractive to customers. It answers the question: ‘Why any customer should choose you over your competitors?’. The Value Proposition Canvas, like the Business Model Canvas, also by Strategyzer, is a one page plan aimed at assisting you define this value you provide to your customer in order to be able to communicate and leverage it.

Marketing cannot be discussed without discussing the Marketing Mix (4-7 Ps of Marketing). This video looks at how you can create value for your customers, which is the aim of Marketing, through your Products, Prices, People and Place.

An interview with Adan Contos, an entrepreneur and COO of RE/MAX, on the importance of Marketing and Sales to a business.

An Idea podcast by HBR IdeaCast, a weekly podcast featuring the leading thinkers in business and management from Harvard Business Review. This episode discusses Marketing Lessons for Companies Small and Big.


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