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Making Futures: Young Entrepreneurs in a Dynamic Africa 

Sangu Delle, a Ghanaian entrepreneur and investor, presents a compelling case for why young people in Africa should pursue entrepreneurship as a way to create positive change in their communities and on the continent as a whole in his book Making Futures: Young Entrepreneurs in a Dynamic Africa. 

Making Futures brings together 18 young entrepreneurs from 14 countries doing incredible work across the continent including Yusuf Randera-Rees and Siya Xuza from South Africa and Marcus Gora from Zimbabwe. Their stories are both inspirational and aspirational; providing a template for readers who might be interested in embarking on their own entrepreneurial journey, and allowing others to see the incredible energy and work that is happening across the continent. 

“If the youth drive tomorrow, we better get ready for Africa to take centre stage in our global future. This excellent book shows vividly the entrepreneurs who are shaping the future of the dynamic continent. it is a must read for those who want to understand global entrepreneurship and how we can make the 21st century a prosperous one for all people.” Professor William Kerr, Harvard Business School.

One of the standout entrepreneurs profiled in the book is Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu, the founder of SoleRebels, a footwear company based in Ethiopia. Alemu’s story is a testament to the power of entrepreneurship to transform lives and communities. As she says in the book, “I believe that by empowering people through creating jobs and providing opportunities, we can change the world.” 

The book has received praise from several reputable reviewers. According to Publishers Weekly, “Delle’s passion for entrepreneurship and Africa is contagious, and his insights are valuable for aspiring young entrepreneurs everywhere.” The Africa Report calls the book “an important read for anyone interested in Africa’s economic future.” 

Sangu Delle himself is an impressive figure. He is the founder and CEO of Africa Health Holdings, a healthcare investment firm, and the co-founder of Golden Palm Investments, a private equity firm. He is also a TED Global Fellow and a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader. 

One of the most inspiring quotes from the book comes from Delle himself: “Africa’s future is not in aid or handouts. Africa’s future is in entrepreneurship and job creation.” This sentiment is echoed throughout the book, as Delle profiles several young entrepreneurs who are making a difference in their communities through their businesses. 

This collection equips readers with intimate knowledge about the markets and growth across the region, and how young creative entrepreneurs are identifying problems as opportunities and seeding growth in a continent that has been long overlooked, but is poised for explosive growth and opportunity, enabled by technology. 

It is an inspiring and informative book that will leave you feeling hopeful about the future of the continent. As Delle writes, “The future of Africa is bright, and it’s being shaped by young entrepreneurs who are making a difference today.” 

Image: Wikimedia Commons, Creator, Nkansah Rexford Nyarko, Copyright: KhoPhi Photography 

Lynn Brown
Lynn Brown
Lynn is a content marketer that focuses on brand storytelling through digital platforms. Skilled in a background of web development, search engine optimization and content production, Lynn is excited to utilize over 10 years’ experience in digital marketing to help grow the ecosystems that support Africa’s very young entrepreneurs to ensure their success.

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