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Entrepreneurship: A Viable Career Choice for the Future

Image: Noreen Mutavhatsindi showcasing her business Phindulo Tutoring at an Allan Gray
Celebration event.

Entrepreneurship empowers young individuals to create their own opportunities, rather
than depending on traditional job markets. Through entrepreneurship, young people can
harness their talents, creativity, and passion to build innovative businesses that can not only
provide them with sustainable livelihoods but also generate employment opportunities for
others. Additionally, entrepreneurship encourages problem-solving and resilience,
equipping young people with skills that are valuable irrespective of their career paths.

Africa’s Economic Growth and Entrepreneurship 
Africa has witnessed significant economic growth in recent years, with entrepreneurship playing a pivotal role in driving this progress. The continent’s young population, coupled with a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, has fostered an environment conducive to innovation and economic development. Entrepreneurs are capitalizing on opportunities in various sectors such as technology, agriculture, renewable energy, and e-commerce, contributing to the diversification and expansion of African economies. This entrepreneurial growth has also attracted investments and partnerships from both domestic and international sources, further fueling economic transformation. 

Here are some key statistics that highlight Africa’s progress: 

  • Africa’s population is projected to reach 2.7 billion by 2050, making it a significant consumer market. The increasing middle class and urbanization are driving demand for goods and services, creating attractive opportunities for businesses. 
  • The African Development Bank estimates that the continent’s infrastructure needs for the period 2020-2040 amount to approximately $1.2 trillion. Efforts to improve transportation, energy, and telecommunications infrastructure are underway, creating a conducive environment for business growth. 
  • The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement, launched in January 2021, aims to create the world’s largest single market, covering 55 African countries. This initiative is expected to boost intra-African trade, enhance competitiveness, and attract more investments. 

ANZISHA FELLOW SPOTLIGHT: Watch Noreen Mutavhatsindi on SABC 2’s Stories Untold.

Whilst she was in Grade 10, Noreen passed Mathematics and Physical Science with 29 and 30 per cent respectively. She was constantly reminded that no one from the township of Winterveld where she grew up, which is located on the northwestern region of Gauteng, has ever passed these two subjects with outstanding marks. However, Noreen’s determination and hard work paid off in the following year when she obtained an impressive 77 percent in both subjects. This marked a turning point in her academic journey, as she became unstoppable from that moment onward.  

Upon reaching matric, Noreen emerged as the top learner at Abel Motshwane High School. She not only passed with flying colors but also earned a place in the prestigious Golden Key Society, which comprises the top 15 percent of learners across South African Universities. This recognition further solidified her academic prowess and set her on a path of success. 

It was during her final year of studies that Noreen discovered her true calling: teaching.  

“I found my passion for the development and empowering of young people at university, where I was and continue to be a volunteer in several youth programs and clubs that seek to inspire and give hope to young people,” says Noreen. 

In 2021, Noreen founded Phindulo Tutoring, a program that offers tutoring services in Mathematics, Physical Science, and Accounting for students in grades 1 to 12. With over 30 students already benefiting from her program, Noreen aims to expand her reach and establish an online school accessible globally. 

Not only is she making a difference in education, but she is also contributing to job creation, having generated 16 jobs at the age of 22 in a country where the unemployment rate stands at a staggering high. 

Lynn Brown
Lynn Brown
Lynn is a content marketer that focuses on brand storytelling through digital platforms. Skilled in a background of web development, search engine optimization and content production, Lynn is excited to utilize over 10 years’ experience in digital marketing to help grow the ecosystems that support Africa’s very young entrepreneurs to ensure their success.

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