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Anzisha Prize Indaba – Nairobi – Andrew’s Reflections

The Indaba was real very interesting, educative and inspiring. I love the Anzisha prize framework because it brings us together, exposes us to different Networks that are important, personally I love learning a lot every time I meet a new person, a new Environment I have to learn something new and this has kept me posted.

I was happy to meet other Anzisha fellows of different years from mine, we were able to interact, share different opinions and practices, experiences, find solutions to the other’s project, advising each other basing on the past experience in the same scenario and to me this was real good and impactful. Now am working with fellows from Tanzania that I met for the first time and I found that Fredrick and David are both having new ventures that can add value to mine, I have provided them market for their services. They are my best service providers because we are all from the same Anzisha family that promotes high values in business and life. We have a mutual understanding and love for each other.

Exposing us to role models in business who shared their practices and experiences real inspired me more. Basically the Kuza Biashara team founders hosting us and sharing ways how to tackle difficult situations was some moment that has kept me thinking how I can better grow and sustain my business and it gave me strength towards achieving my Vision. I left thinking I should hear more but that was it, it was so inspiring and encouraging meeting I had.

I wish to thank the Anzisha team and basically madam Chi who have been with us always in both good moments and difficult situations, am so glad to have you madam helping transform us and our projects. You have never been tired of us, you have worked so hard and willingly towards developing our projects and bringing us together and me personally it has taught me how its important to work as a team and to always cater for others.

At first I thought winning the Anzisha prize award is like the end but actually it’s the beginning of opening my eyes and brain to think big, It’s worth a network of people and other resources. Being an Anzisha fellow is an incredible opportunity to have achieved. And I have a strong feeling that its through Anzisha that Africa will be transformed economically, socially and in Leadership. Our governments and leaders should learn from what Anzisha and African Leadership Academy that have developed for the young generation. Young people love their efforts being appreciated and supported, their voices listened to. Africa’s future lies in our hands and we need best practices and supportive Governments and leadership that lays space for the young generation. Long live Anzisha!

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