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Anzisha Prize Indaba – Cairo – Khaled’s Reflections

Meeting people has always an important key for my success, I have always been eager to meet the Anzisha Prize team and talk with them about my passion for Africa and the great role they are playing to push the limits inside Africa. Spending three days of my life to learn more about how we can be improve myself and my business, meeting new people and getting new techniques in how to grow my business and getting it out of the ground into a great international business. I met Amr (Anzisha Fellow) and Chi, and spent nice time together discovering ourselves and how to make The Anzisha Prize more unique and to expand the effect of the Anzisha Prize. I always think that I am lucky to be part of the Anzisha Prize as I thought about it like my gate to Africa, I didn’t get the opportunity to travel and meet the other fellows, but when we met at Cairo, I now know how much I am lucky being part of this family.

Mubser, my company, is getting better every day and we are working very hard to start introducing the initial beta version for people to try it with us and give us their thoughts and ideas. we have been all over the media here in Egypt and got the attention of many people to support us and help us to reach the next level.

Once again, For all the Anzisha fellows, I am happy to be part of this family and I am very interested in meeting you soon and share our success and challenges together to make a better future for ourselves and our beloved Africa! For the people who didn’t applied yet, take a step and be part of un forgotten experience that will make a huge impact in your life! Take the step now and apply !

Thanks Chi for the visit and hope to see you again soon!

Best Regards,


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