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Activating 30 million jobs in the African Green Economy by 2033

Following the successful inaugural Technology for Climate Action Hackathon in December 2022, in partnership with Moringa School, Jacob’s Ladder Africa (JLA) officially launched the GreenLabs Incubation Program, marking the commencement of its pilot cohort.

The teams and individuals who actively participated in the hackathon spent the past year undergoing comprehensive training and mentorship to further refine their ideas and transform them into practical climate action solutions.  

These aspiring young entrepreneurs began their journey with the JLA Startup Foundations Program, immersing themselves in entrepreneurial mindsets and laying down a strong foundation for their business ideas rooted in strong market fundamentals.  

Now, those who have achieved the milestones in the first program have moved on to an intensive 8-week BootCamp through the launch of the Startup Launchpad Program. 

“As Jacobs Ladder Africa we sensed that there was a need for us to break down the complex issue of climate change to young people in Africa,” says Sellah Bogonko, Co-Founder and CEO of Jacob’s Ladder Africa, “ We realised that even a young person who is already in a job may not necessarily understand what climate change is. It almost sounds like a very pie-in-the-sky sort of thing.” 

JLA prioritises economic empowerment by utilising diverse platforms, such as training programs, to enhance awareness and provide the youth with the necessary skills and tools for a sustainable economy. Their dedication lies in closing the growing skills gap, especially as numerous countries take ambitious measures to shift towards low-carbon, environmentally friendly, and resilient economies.  

Dr. Lillian Kong’ani, Lecturer at the Department of Earth and Climate Science at the University of Nairobi highlighted that a key challenge in adopting the green curriculum in courses like the Masters and PHD programs is the lengthy development and approval process. “It either has to go through the Institute Board then the Faculty Board or Departmental Board, all the way to the Senate,” shares Dr. Kong’ani, “So if a curriculum that includes environmental sustainability concepts has to go for four or five years, then it has to go through the whole cycle. It becomes a bit of a challenge to actually incorporate the emerging issues you know to address climate change.” 

A key focus of JLA’s customised curriculum is equipping African youth with the expertise and abilities to excel in and spearhead the development of a green economy. The initiative is not only focused on supporting startups but also on nurturing the future of climate entrepreneurship and generating significant employment opportunities. 

WATCH Sellah Bogonko, Co-Founder and CEO of Jacob’s Ladder Africa, demystify the concept of a “green job”. 

ABOUT Jacob’s Ladder Africa 
Jacob’s Ladder Africa seeks to activate 30 Million jobs in the African Green Economy by 2033. We are a non-governmental youth-centric organisation predominantly focused on shaping the narrative of workforce readiness for the emerging Green Economy in Africa. We do this through research focused on identifying opportunities and gaps in the green economy. We design and roll out curricula to address gaps in climate literacy as well as conduct targeted training programs. 

Images: JLA 

Lynn Brown
Lynn Brown
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